About Us

We have been in the candle making business for 9 years.

We make EVERYTHING fresh for your order.

I make everything by hand for you!

My daughter Alyssa helps me with shipping out orders and so much more!

Hubby occasionally lids and labels. 


Fragrance has always been such a huge part of my life.

Certain fragrances bring me back in time, others remind me of a beautiful moment in my life.

I grew up in a troubled home, around Christmas time nobody wanted to take the time to put up the artificial ragged tree that laid up in the attic.

I loved Christmas and everything that comes with it especially now that I am a born again Christian. 

As a little girl, I would climb up the ladder into the attic and open up an old beaten and bruised travel trunk that held that precious Charlie Brown tree, as I opened its rusty latch....I would take a deep breath and smell an old melted Holly Berry candle that laid in the bottom of that trunk, it would make me feel so happy.

To this day....Holly Berry is my all time favorite fragrance, and I carry that one all year round. 

So many more fragrances evoke a thought....a emotion. 

At Bridgeway Scented Market we make scents of life....

I look forward to helping you make your home smell incredible. 


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