Ironestone NEW!
Peonies in full bloom! 
 flirting with a juicy bite of red apple, vanilla, musk and a touch of jasmine, rose and gillyflower. 
Mingling soft, blush suede.
To sweeten it up we mixed a touch of sugared doughnuts!
This is amazing!!
One of the most delightful, crisp, original and enjoyable new fragrance oils we've found in a long time!
This refreshing combination of fresh greens and fresh pear with the addition of vetiver grass
and clean, forest moss.
It's fresh and vibrant without those odd "cleaning scent" tones.
Herb Garden
You will love this fabulous earthy herbacious scent. 
With notes of Bergamot, grapefruit and cassis.
  Middle notes of Rosemary, spearmint and tarragon. 
Bottom notes of Lavender, galbanum, green moss.

Farmhouse Baking Co.

Like you just stepped into a bakery!

Cookies, cakes and pastries OH MY!

 A super strong, warm cinnamon and clove with hints of sweet nutmeg,

 warm vanilla sugar, bakery dough, vanilla and cake notes


Raspberry Lemonade

A lovely cocktail of sweet ripe raspberries and fresh, tart lemondade

sweet, citrusy & fruity green type of top notes
strawberry , raspberry middle notes
sweet vanilla.

And to top it off....cotton candy an sweet berry 


But First Coffee...

Awaken your senses when you light this candle (or spray or melt)

Notes of coffee beans and freshly brewed coffee accentuated by hints of rum, brandy, brown sugar, and cocoa beans,

then we stirred in some delicious sweet cream, with a hint of toasted marshmallows to balance it out.

Apple Butter Pie

Very spicy apples in a warm buttery background

baked in a flaky pie crust!

Super strong and oh so yummy!



Lemon & Rosemary

Super clean and fresh! 
A wonderful herbaceous rosemary and citrus blend with hints of lavender in the middle notes. 


Woodsy, moss, earthy bottom notes with final light notes of musk.  Refreshing!


Peach Bellini INCREDIBLE


Festive and fun!

Orange slices glisten with sparkling rays of 
translucent white peach nectar and bubbly champagne. 


Summer Roasted Apples

Fresh Macintosh Apples fire roasted with creamy butter brickle,

warm vanilla and hints of almonds

(image credit: Life Made Simple)


Timeless Leather

By far the best leather fragrance I have ever come across!

Leather evokes so many emotions and memories of loved ones!

Everything leather, from fresh new car, boots or a leather handbag.

Fresh, clean and incredible!



Stay Awhile

Spicy, sweet house warming fragrance.

Vanilla intertwines with a cabinet of spices,

cinnamon, clove, allspice, and homespun sugar, with a slight hint of fruit.


Shiplap (top seller)

This is an amazing fragrance!

With charred woods of pine, cedar, amber, smoky sandalwood and musk.

With a background containing brown sugar, spun sugar and creamy vanilla.

For a fantastic mixture of goodness!

(image credit: Apartment Therepy)


Caramel Pralines


An irrisistable blend of sweet warmed vanilla caramel,

dark brown sugar and butter-drenched pecans.



Step into our Farmhouse Kitchen..

Juicy plum and whipped caramel wrapped in a bourbon vanilla 

with dahlia and jasmine blossoms on the table.

Top notes of golden butterscotch and velvety sandalwood, exotic amber,

American Cedar and Aspen Woods.

Not overpowering but a wonderful everyday fragrance for your home.



Lambs Ear & Grace OUT OF STOCK!

This is a joyful and graceful fragrance.

This delicately feminine scent flirts with Jasmine air, White Poppy, sheer Yazu

and then dances among White Poinsettias and snowdrop flowers.

Clean and beautiful!


Chunky Blanket

Incredible fragrance!

Top notes of spiced creamy caramel mingled with hints of clove, nutmeg

cinnamon and sweet vanilla, has a nice sweet and spicy kick to it!

Exactly how a chunky cozy blanket should be.


Caramel Pear

Super Strong!

With top notes of granny smith apples, pears, and black cherries; followed by middle notes of caramel and maple sugar;

and rounded out with base notes of buttercream and vanilla. 

You will be amazed

(image property of Best Friends For Frosting)


Cotton Wreath

 Notes of crisp ozone, salty sea spray, seaweed,

sun-weathered driftwood, and a hint of water lily.

An incredible fresh clean fragrance with out that "clean cotton" aroma.

You will love this one!


Chippy White

What an incredible earthy fragrance!

Fresh and clean.

Juicy lime is spiked with wild mint and swirled with ocean lilies,

musk, palm trees, and sea moss.

(Beautiful image property of French Country Cottage)


Magnolia Wreath

A beautiful succulent blend of Magnolia,  Lemon, Grapefruit,

Peach Nectar, Raspberry, Pink Tulip, Soft Jasmine,Wild Honeysuckle, and Sheer Musk


Blueberry Muffin

Freshly baked blueberry muffin.

Top notes of juicy tart blueberries with orange zests,

middle notes of butter cake, and base notes of vanilla and almond


Farmers Market (Top Seller)

A delicious blend of warmed cider,

creamy caramel, touch of sweet cinnamon and

crisp juicy apples



The Cottage

This is a flirty fresh Spring/Summer fragrance

Colorful blend of succulent purple passion fruit, burgundy Tuscan grapes,

sun-kissed yellow peonies, fragrant vanilla orchids, and just a hint of fresh greenery.

One word....Beautiful!

Chestnuts & Brown Sugar


Warm Vanilla Nutmeg

Creamy vanilla and warm spices make this a home comforting blend.

Notes of sweet berry nuances, caramel,

root-berry, creamy French vanilla, vanilla bean, and warm, spicy nutmeg.

(Image property of CD Kitchen)








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